Refurbishment Projects


What was the objective?

Properties purchased with the objective of completing a high quality refurbishment within a short period of time with minimal outlay to increase capital value and rental return.

What was done?

Typical works completed:

  • Aluminium windows removed, original timber windows installed
  • Cladding removed to expose original timber weatherboard
  • Timber fretwork installed under veranda eave
  • Property painted inside & out
  • Baltic pine floor boards sanded & polished
  • Light fittings replaced
  • Kitchen cupboards re-laminated
  • Bathroom vanity basin replaced
  • Bathtub resurfaced
  • External landscaping completed

The Result

The properties were refurbished in an average of five weeks. A maximum of twenty thousand dollars per property was spent. The properties were either resold or rented.

Average capital value increase was 50%. Average increase in rental income was 40%.